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We like to driving change in the sector of travel and events, aiming for more sustainability in terms of resource use, cultural and social respect, transport means and venue choice. To demonstrate our coherence, determination and reliability when it comes to driving change, we always provide concrete examples of what we have been doing in our latest incentives, teambuilding activities, meetings, site inspections and side projects. We have worked on many creative activities tied with nature, so that participants can get in touch with plants, sea and the products of the earth. This momentary but intense escape from their ordinary life, allows employees and delegates to rediscover themselves and the pleasure of using their senses to appreciate the surrounding environment. We developped ad hoc experiences for every client company, and follows participants closely throughout the training process. We always recommend our clients to choose an event destination off the beaten path, away from the circuits of mass tourism that put a strain on the local environment and socio-cultural livelihood. Our objective is to promote cultural tourism, where visitors get to know and respect local traditions.